Travelers who book their lodging through Airbnb can reveal a lot about trends in travel. Airbnb has revealed their listing of top neighborhoods to watch in 2017, and it shows a lot about how Airbnb users book their rooms.

The Airbnb study looked at more than 140 million guests at more than three million homes on the website, and there were some obvious themes:

1. Visitors liked their rentals urban, but not dense.

“Neighborhoods that made the list this year are retreats from the usual pace of city life,” Airbnb said in a statement. “In 2017, people are flocking to laid-back communities that offer urban convenience with a relaxed vibe, from the serene Milneburg district of New Orleans to Phoenix Park, a district brimming with gardens and wildlife close to Dublin, Ireland’s capital.”

2. Green spaces.

Visitors tend to be attracted to residential areas that have green spaces nearby.

“Areas like Rockcliffe Smythe in Toronto, a largely residential area with beautiful green spaces, make for a relaxing visit while only being a short walk to the shops, restaurants and live music of the neighboring Junction community,” the company explained.

3. Food options galore.

Another trend found in the study were locations that were within walking distance to plenty of restaurants and markets.

Tell us – What do you look for in your travel rental?