If you are wine-cationing, Alaska Airlines may be the best option for your next west coast trip. The airline is expanding their Wine Flies Free program, allowing Mileage Plan members departing from cities in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho to check an entire case of wine for free.

The Wine Flies Free program is not new for Alaska Airlines, but the program will expand from 11 cities, to 29 total cities. Passengers can check up to 12 bottles (or one case), for free.

Alaska Airlines ranked No. 1 Best Airline Rewards program

“Wine and food are huge passion points for travelers when choosing their next travel destination,” said Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines’ managing director of marketing and advertising. “Our Wine Flies Free program makes it easier for our guests to experience some of the country’s best wine regions and take their favorite wines home. We look forward to toasting our guests in-flight on National Drink Wine Day, and continuing to work with our partners to welcome visitors to these premier wine destinations that we serve.”

How to Check Your Wine for Free on Alaska Airlines

Pack correctly and don’t seal the box yet

When purchasing your wine, let the winery know you will be checking the box at the airport. They will then pack it safely for travel.

Make sure to keep the box unsealed in case airport security or staff would like to inspect it.

Make sure you have added your Mileage Plan number to your flight reservation

You can do this through the Alaska Airlines app or alaskaair.com.

Drop your wine with an Alaska Airlines customer service agent

Don’t try to take the wine through TSA security. An Alaska Airlines employee will know how to seal the box, as well as labeling it correctly.

Alaska Airlines debuted their Wine Flies Free program in 2007 for the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County region.

“The Santa Cruz Mountains American Viticultural Area is the backyard wine region of Silicon Valley,” said Megan Metz, executive director of Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association. “By expanding their Wine Flies Free program, Alaska Airlines is enabling people to easily travel to our booming wine region and take home a piece of the Santa Cruz Mountains at no cost.”

A Mileage Plan membership through Alaska Airlines is completely free. To prepare wines to fly, each bottle must be packed and sealed for transport in a protective shipping container. Alaska Airlines customer services agents will work with each guest to ensure that their case of wine is properly labeled.

Participating Wine Flies Free Cities:

wine flies free, alaska airlines

Wine Flies Free cities. Photo: Alaska Airlines


Los Angeles
Orange County
Palm Springs
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Santa Rosa

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