The city of Florence, Italy is looking to inform tourists about proper behavior while visiting their city. The campaign, known as #EnjoyRespectFirenze, is a part of the #enjoyrespect campaign being developed by five art cities in Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples.

“People come to Italy thinking they can do whatever they want here, but it’s time to let them know that they should act as they do at home,” said tourism superintendent Anna Paola Concia. “Florence is a beautiful city that needs to be preserved and this is a responsibility that falls also to our visitors.”

The plan includes tips like how to respect the city’s monuments, cleanliness and hygiene, and residents. According to The Florentine, many of these things are impolite, but some may also be illegal.

The city launched a social media campaign with videos teaching visitors about the city and its rules.

Concia stressed that the rules will continue to evolve over time, and they expect the campaign to be a permanent fixture for future tourists to watch before visiting Florence.