Delta Air Lines has announced they are hiring another 1,000 flight attendants for 2018 — but it may not be as easy as just getting a new job. According to the airline, it is now easier to get into Harvard University than it is to become a Delta flight attendant.

“Last year 150,000 applicants applied for roughly 1,200 coveted flight attendant jobs at Delta,” the airline said in a statement. “After reviewing 35,000 video interviews and conducting 6,000 in-person interviews, fewer than 1 percent of applicants were selected.”

According to Harvard admission statistics, in 2016 only 5.1 percent of applicants were accepted into the university.

The minimum requirements for the position include: a high school degree or GED, the ability to work in the U.S., English fluency, and to be at least 21 years of age by Jan. 1, 2018.

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However, Delta Air Lines said they are looking for candidates with the following:

  • More than one year of work experience in a personalized customer service, patient care or similar role
  • Experience in a role ensuring the safety and/or care of others (teacher, military, EMT, firefighter, coach, law enforcement, lifeguard, nurse, etc.)
  • Education beyond high school
  • Fluency in a language other than English: These applicants are considered for “Language of Destination” flight attendant roles, which offer additional pay as well as special responsibilities

“There’s no doubt we hire the best of the best because the caliber of people wanting to work for our great airline is top-notch,” said Allison Ausband, Delta’s Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service. “They see that what makes Delta different is our people and the unique culture we share together, and they want to be part of that winning team.”

Delta Air Lines is also launching a new series called Earning Our Wings, “to give top talent a better understanding of just what it takes to join the best in the business.”