Hopper, a travel app that helps travelers find inexpensive flights, has announced an initiative to plant two trees for every hotel room booking on their platform, and they will plant four trees for every flight sold on their platform.

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“Today, we are excited to introduce Hopper Trees and our commitment to a more sustainable future,” said Frederic Lalonde, CEO & co-founder of Hopper. “Beginning today, Hopper will be the first travel-booking app to offer free carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions offsets on behalf of our customers for every flight and hotel purchased in the app.”

Hopper said they are following the EPA’s Center for Corporate Climate Leadership Emission Factors report in their quest to offset carbon produced by travel. They will donate the funds in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit that has planted more than 265 million trees in areas like Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya, and Mozambique.

“With the implementation of Hopper Trees, we expect to see at least six million trees planted in 2020 in an effort to offset CO₂ emissions from the flights and hotels booked on Hopper this year,” Lalonde said. “We are excited to take this step toward a more sustainable future, and we are pleased to see that we are aligned with our customers in viewing this commitment as a priority as well.”

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Lalonde added that as Hopper grows, they believe their impact on the world is growing. The app currently has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Hopper’s goal is to “make booking travel easier and more accessible,” because they believe that travel has positive social and economic impacts for the world.

“But we also realize that with travel becoming increasingly part of our global everyday life, the environment feels its impact,” Lalonde said. “Already we are seeing partner airlines and hotels take steps toward addressing this challenge, and as the leading app-based marketplace for travel, we too must do our part in mitigating that impact. Hopper Trees is our first measurable step in that direction.”

Learn more about Hopper’s new program here.