Florence is a beautiful and vibrant city in the Tuscan region of Italy, and because of its tourism industry, there are hundreds of hotels and other places to stay while in the city. So where should you stay in Florence, Italy? Here is our review of Hotel Pendini in Florence.

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When choosing a hotel in Florence, I had no idea what area I wanted to be in. So what I did was I found the important landmarks — Il Duomo and the statue of David — and narrowed it down from there. I then went to Google Maps and checked their hotel mapping with pricing.

I found a few that were in my price range and looked them all up one by one. Once I saw the photos of Hotel Pendini, I was sold and knew I wasn’t going to stay anywhere else.

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The issue is that the hotel was sold out on their website for the dates I was going to be there. So I went to a few websites, including hotels.com and booking.com to see if it was listed there. I got lucky and found the hotel with available rooms on Booking.com.

The Location of Hotel Pendini

Credit: Hotel Pendini

The hotel is located in a perfect location, a few blocks from all the main museums and Piazza del Duomo. There are also street vendors on the square daily, and it adds a lot of flavor to the area (especially if you need a new purse or souvenirs!). The entrance is somewhat hidden, but you can find it on Via Degli Strozzi Street.

The Experience

Credit: Hotel Pendini

We took the elevator up to the front desk, and the front desk staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. One thing you will learn about Italy is that, at least in the big cities, finding someone who knows English is not difficult. And most the hotel front desk attendants will be able to easily converse with you.

Our Room

Credit: Hotel Pendini

Our room was beautiful, with yellow walls and larger than any of our other hotel rooms while visiting Italy. It also had high ceilings and one large window.

The only complaint I had (and hopefully you can avoid this by reading it) is we received an inside-facing window. So we got to see the courtyard, but none of the city. When booking, make sure you note that you would like an exterior-facing window.

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However, even though we didn’t see the city, the large window brought plenty of light in and we barely noticed the lack of view after a while.

The bed was large, and probably the most comfortable bed we slept on our entire trip.


Credit: Hotel Pendini

Our last day in Florence, we had breakfast at the restaurant within the Hotel Pendini. Like many other hotel meals, it was a buffet made up of cereal, omelettes, bacon, and other assorted items. While it was nothing special, the experience was a good one and the food was delicious. It was exactly what you might need before a day out exploring a new city.

Hotel Pendini

Credit: Hotel Pendini

I would absolutely recommend this hotel again. Not only is it one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, you can’t beat the location and the experience was phenomenal.

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