JetBlue is following Southwest Airlines and is pulling its product from numerous online travel agencies. The airline said the move should lower costs and give them more control over offering “a full range of fares.”

The airline will no longer appear on more than 10 online travel agency websites, although they have not yet announced which ones. Examples of online travel agencies include Expedia, Priceline,, and even Google Flights. They will still be using “select” third-party channels, but are encouraging direct bookings through

“The distribution cost structure through third-party channels makes it challenging to offer a full range of fares,” the airline said in a statement. “By eliminating lower-yield online travel agencies, JetBlue will not only support its structural cost efforts but also help ensure that customers traveling with JetBlue have the best experience possible since direct bookings deliver benefits to customers.”

Southwest Airlines has long been the only major airline to exclude their product from online booking sites, and JetBlue’s move means more airlines could follow suit.

JetBlue said direct bookings save the airline money, which helps keep ticket prices low. Some other benefits they mention are:

  • Customers who book directly through have access to all fare sales and promotions, some of which may not be available on online travel agencies.
  • Booking through always gives customers access to their fare options and other choices such as pet booking, etc.
  • Making changes and cancelations through JetBlue’s customer service channels is faster and easier when customers book directly with the airline.