When planning a trip to Europe, a travel agent suggested we spend one of our off days in Regensburg, Germany, because it would be like nothing we had ever seen. When looking at hotels in Regensburg, Roter Hahn came to the top of the list for many reason. Here are our tips on where to stay in Regensburg, Germany:

Roter Hahn


The hotel is a cute, kitschy European-style building in the center of the city. Like many smaller hotels on the continent, there is no elevator so be prepared to walk up two or three or four flights of stairs.

Things to do in Regensburg, Germany

Roter Hahn means red rooster, and you will see that throughout the hotel. The style includes many roosters and creates a welcoming environment for people from all countries.

The staff was welcoming, and incredibly knowledgeable on all the things we wanted to see in town.

Our Room at Roter Hahn


Our room was beautiful, clean, and full of light. We did only have one small window, but somehow that window did let in enough light. The view of city rooftops is exactly what you would expect from a European vacation.

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The bathroom was the largest we had been in while on that particular trip, and it was nice to have plenty of space to spread out after hotels with barely any room for the bed.

The View from Our Room


The Roter Hahn is located in the Innerstadt of Regensburg (which translates to “downtown” but in this case, also means “old town”), which can be tricky to get to. But once you are there, it is the perfect location if you want to venture out on foot for the day.

Luckily, the hotel has parking.

Parking at Roter Hahn


The main reason we decided to book Roter Hahn is because they are one of the few hotels in the Innerstadt of Regensburg with parking. Although it was tricky getting there, we eventually made it in.

When trying to find the hotel, it looked like there were many roads you were not allowed to drive on. We ended up parking by the river and walking toward the hotel. But once we checked in, the front desk attendant assured us we could drive through those streets and gave us a map for our route.

It was nice to park our car for the night and know it was safe there.


The restaurant at Roter Hahn had a traditional European (hotel) breakfast, and a nice restaurant to eat dinner or have drinks. After being out for the night, we came back to the hotel for drinks and they were open late enough to not have to hurry.

Roter Hahn Experience

Regensburg, Germany.

If we ever went back to Regensburg, I wouldn’t even think of staying anywhere else. Roter Hahn had the location, the beautiful rooms, the welcoming staff, and the parking needed for any perfect stay.

If you are planning a trip to the area, I would first suggest making a stop in Regensburg — and if you do, consider the Roter Hahn as your hotel while you are in town.

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