If you have seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you may be wondering how you can travel to some of the locations seen in the movie. But where was Star Wars 8 filmed? Here is how to visit all the Star Wars: The Last Jedi filming locations (because it’s not always easy):

Warning: There may be some spoilers ahead.


Skellig Michael Isle. Credit: KedilerNicole

A lot of the filming happened in Ireland, especially Planet Ahch-To, the island Luke Skywalker had been living on all these years. Filming took place on multiple different areas, not just one island, including Brow Head, County Cork and County Donegal.

Brow Head is not easy to get to, but it looks worth it once you get there. And you may be in luck, because a tour company has taken the opportunity to create a package just for the occasion. The self-guided tour will take you around to multiple shooting locations, including the 400 million-year-old Skellig Michael Isle.

Although Skellig Michael is officially the Star Wars set of the island, there was a replica of the monastery built on the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry in the Ring of Kerry, Ireland as well and a lot of the filming took place there, as well as in Loop Head, Co. Clare.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Credit: Joan.

Although a shorter scene, the city where Finn and Rose searched a casino for the codebreaker looked like a beautiful Eastern European city — and it was. The City of Canto Bright was actually filmed in Dubrovnik, a Croatian city located on the Adriatic Sea.

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A city with an important history and cultural heritage, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is enough reason in itself to visit. There are plenty of ways to get to Dubrovnik, and plenty to do once you get there. Besides the beautiful city itself, you can take a tour of the city walls and forts, palaces, monasteries, and a cathedral.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Credit: Ximena Medina Sancho

The ending battle scene was filmed in Bolivia, on the world’s largest salt flat. According to National Geographic, lakes overflow onto the flats during certain times of the year, creating a mirror-like illusion.

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Although it is a very remote location, you can find tours that will take you the salt flats. Those tours leave to Salar de Uyuni from three locations: Uyuni, Bolivia; San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; and Tupiza, Bolivia.

UK & Iceland

Iceland. Credit: Sarah1990

Filming also happened in the UK and Iceland, including Crait for the end escape scene, and both countries are always amazing places to visit.

If you are looking to make your Star Wars dreams come true, any of these locations are a great place to start.