When checking into a hotel room, it’s always been a given that you watch the TV service they provide. However, AT&T and Dish are looking to change that, by offering subscribers the possibility of streaming their own video services over hotel TVs.

That means hotel guests could watch their favorite shows whenever they want, according to FierceCable. The guests would not be required to log in to the hotel TV, and would use their own AT&T or Dish accounts to stream the shows they normally watch at home.

It’s not yet clear if users would be able to use non-TV services like Netflix through these programs – but if not, it’s only a matter of time before hotels start signing on to programs that would.

“Guests expect to have the same entertainment options in a hotel now as they do at home,” said Ed Balcerzak, senior vice president, Commercial & Connected Communities with AT&T. “With this offer, hotels and other properties are able to provide the type of TV experience their guests are used to, without breaking the bank.”

The program is also available in other facilities, including universities, senior living, and healthcare facilities.