United Airlines has added new enhancements to their United Airlines app, including the ability to track your bags while flying.

“With this new capability, customers will be able to see real-time updates of when the bag has been loaded onto a flight, unloaded from the flight and when it is available at baggage claim,” the airline said of the new app upgrade.

Passengers can also manage their reservations in the app, and will also be able to manage flights booked through third party sites — including making changes on those reservations.

United travelers will also be able to store United and MileagePlus credit cards in the Apple Wallet within the app.

“Every day 800,000 customers rely on our mobile app to book reservations, view flight statuses, check-in and access a variety of other handy travel tools we’ve made available through our app,” said Linda Jojo, chief digital officer at United. “We’re constantly making updates to the app that help our customers manage their travel with us at the touch of a finger and access even more information about their flights as quickly and conveniently as possible.”