Planning when to take a vacation can be the most difficult think about hitting the “book now” button. But a new map wants to take the guess work out of the “when” to travel — and let you get to the planning.

The map, created by, runs through each moth of the year to tell you when other tourists are more likely to visit certain countries — so you can join them, or avoid them. It will tell you when it’s the most popular tourist season, or when tourists will stay away. Many times people stay away for a reason (for instance, a brutal winter season), but if those things don’t bother you, you could have the place tourist-free.

The red indicates high travel season and teal indicates low travel season — with yellow being the months in between. You can also take what you learn from the map to look for cheaper flights during these seasons.

An interesting part about the map is seeing how many countries have long high tourist seasons, and which countries’ high seasons last only a month or two.

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